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Pancho Sandy Bluffs Chris

Pancho was our start in Labrador Retreivers We didn't know much but he pereservered and taught us a lot. His smiling face on weekend mornings greeted us with a "Lets go to the park" look; He never begged, at least not until he got older. He was always eager when he saw the hunting gear get packed. His passion was pheasants and he sometimes, really most of the time, let us get close enough to shoot. However, if we missed he would just grab the next one himself. Whether hunting or on the sofa he always had a look of contentment and always gave us his unconditional love, no matter how many rescue dogs or puppies came into the house. Until we meet at the Rainbow bridge. .
Casey "Casey"
June 17, 2001
We got Casey in January of 1996, she was about 8 years old.  Right between the two biggest snowstorms of the year ( about 3 ft total).  She came from a family who had her outside even though she had a broken (and not healed correctly Pelvis) as well as severe spinal arthritis. As we couldn't move out of the house for a few days all she did was lay in front of the fireplace.  As she started to "thaw" out her personality came to life. We thought a nice dog like this would be an easy adoption, so we started taking her to adopt-a-days.  While she never acted up around the house the adopt a days were different stories.  She was like a woman possessed.  I guess she was telling us that she found her new home and there was no reason for her to be there.  She was a remarkable girl, who at the age of 14 succummed to cancer in the abdomen.

Coco Kellygreens Choc Mouse Coco

Until we meet at the Rainbow bridge. .

picture coming soon

Chester was 11 years old when he came into rescue . He came from a wonderful home but his Dad had to travel for work and there was no one home to care of him. He had some neurological problems  and his back legs would cross when he stood up and some days it was hard just to stand up but he always managed.  He did get adopted once, on Christmas eve but alas he had to come back a couple of days later as he just couldn't cope with the wood floors.  After that we just decided he would live out his life with us and he lived to be the ripe old age of 16.

Pepsi Allegheny's Pepsi

Pepsi was too small to show but was a giant in many other ways.  She was taken from us way too early but will always live in our hearts as the sweet young girl with a mischevious look in her eyes.
Shiloh SR Caer Bren Sure Shot Shiloh JH CD RN WCX CGC TDI

Shiloh was our first peformace dog. She was a natural at everything she did. She also was the boss of the house if the youngsters got into a tiff she simply walked between them gave them the "eye" and it was all over. Her passion however was hunting pheasants, which she did until the age of 13. At the ripe old age of 14 she finally lost her third bout of three different kinds of cancer. Until we meet at the bridge.
Tina CH SR Allegheny's Clementine JH WC
11/7/1997 - 05/13/2013

Tina was our first Champion and our foundation bitch. She loved to show and did so until she was almost 13. On her way to her championship she was Winner's Bitch and BOS at the Mid-Jersey specialty. Thank you to Linda Majors. Also, thanks to Claire and Jackie who let us bring her into her home..
Logan SR Caer Bren Storm Cloud WC
12/31/1999 - 7/5/2013

Logan let everyone know when he was there. In the ring he barked to say look at me! Many judges did as he accumulated all his minor points. He loved the water and loved to hunt. He also loved to just hang out and play with puppies when the time came. It was as if he knew that he and Stormy shared the same birth date as the became fast friends. Unfortunately he was taken away from her before he could pass all his knowledge.
Dixie Milltowne Song of the South WC
10/7/2003 - 6/2/2016

Dixie never liked to show or hunt. She did like to have babies.. She produced my two current hunting dogs as well as other hunting dogs and show dogs. She was always a happy girl and her tail was always going. Until we meet at the Rainbow bridge.
Popper Milltowne's Kettle Korn
11/1/2002 - 11/28/2017

We had a lot of trials and tribulations with Popper. From sock removal surgery to cancer surgery and treatment. He always had a smile on his face and let us do whatever we needed to do to make him better. We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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